Horse And Farm Camp

Life on the farm! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a farm? Or wondered about the life that already lives here?


About our Summer Camps

There are so many amazing animals, plants, fungi, and other living beings on the farm that help to make this place what it is! From learning about animal communication to exploring life on Ames Creek and the Sultan River that both run through our farm, we will delve deeper into the beauty and magic of life on the farm. Farm journeys from waterways to migration routes, there are many animals, elements, and other beings that migrate, move through, and contribute to the farm environment. We might do some tracking, visit the river, think about different life cycles and journeys, create maps, and try our hand at different forms of navigation. We take a stand to inspire mindful behavior, sustainable stewardship, and animal husbandry.

From the youngest to oldest camper everyone is an active participant in daily barn activities! 

Working with horses and farm animals fosters values of teamwork, respect, and responsibility. With guidance from our knowledgeable instructors, campers will care for a wide variety of animals.

  • Boost teamwork skills with fun horsemanship games on and off the saddle.

  • Gardening and the growing cycle by planting in our garden.

  • Hands-on investigation of nature to explore deeper cycles of life.

Our camps are aimed to create a space for kids to have fun, be curious and become thoughtful about the world around them. We want to share the magic of horses and nature.  

Pricing & Dates

Full-day  9 am-4 pm Monday-Friday

Ages 8-16


Half days 9 am-1 pm Monday-Friday Ages 5-7 (the younger ages must be on the mature side and be great listeners to ensure everyone's safety) $400

June 28th - July 1st

July 6th-8th (The in-between camp just for early teens ages 12-15)

July 11th -15th

July 18th -22ed

August 1st-5th

August 8th-12th

August 15th-19th

August 22-26th