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Scholarship Program

We'd love for you to become part of something important with us! Your support helps create something amazing! You can also shop on our merch site, 100%  all profits go into this program!

If you want to become more involved scroll down to see other ways you can help!

About our non-profit

Did you know that most of our lesson horses here at Triple Moon Equestrian are in the program because they needed a second chance at a purposeful life? Some were rescued. Some were outgrown by their child riders. Some were very misunderstood. Some are ex-show horses who are done with that "job". Some needed to be healed by us. Some came to heal us. Some came to us as a step just before retirement, and some came to us simply because they needed a kind home with lots of love and superb care. We believe that lesson horses are the foundation to everyone's equine education. We feel they deserve the best care and environment we can offer for their service. Without them, there would be no upper-level equestrian sports. There would be no police, military, search and rescue, hunting, logging, and therapy horses. There would be no trainers, coaches, or instructors. These lesson horses are very important to the entire process of learning, creating an identity, and developing self-esteem. Lesson horses are there to teach the first-time equestrian how to put on a bridle, pick out their hooves, and be understanding when riders are nervous and unbalanced. They are patient, kind, and gentle teachers, friends, and therapists. Sometimes they may have a hitch in their step or are hard to get moving. Sometimes they may give a student a hard time. However, they always leave a person with a greater understanding that each animal is a sentient being with a mind and life of their own. Lesson horses are essentially the saints that carry the weight of the entire equestrian world!

Here at Triple Moon Equestrian, we try our very best to make the positive gift of horses and animals accessible to all walks of life. We are inclusive to everyone we have the capacity to serve. In hand with that goal, we promised our equine counterparts that we would bring up well-educated and mindful horse women and men. These students will then move on to be future stewards to watch over them for years to come. We want to continue to help the overlooked horse have that second chance at life. We want to continue to inspire and ignite young people to be connected to the natural world and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We'd love for you to become part of something important with us! Here are just some of the ways you can become involved. With the 30% rise in cost for hay, stall shavings, feed, and other supplies needed on a daily basis, your donation into our hay fund is GREATLY appreciated! We have our donation page finally live! 

Want to get involed?

You can also become involved in these ways.


We are strongly dedicated to repurposing what is thrown away or not wanted. Some of our barns, greenhouse, garden, classroom, duck pen, and other projects were all built with repurposed items.

We always will take

  • used or mismatched building supplies,

  • fencing,

  • appliances,

  • tools,

  • home goods,

  • animal items,

  • riding gear, helmets(under 5 years old),

  • pallets,

  • wood chips from downed trees, etc.

  • Volunteer your handyman, landscaping/maintenance, fundraising, painting, cleaning, and organizing skills! (Email to be added to our resource list!)


Volunteer your time caring for the animals. You are welcome, even with zero farm animal experience (click here to join our Volunteer and Resource Facebook group)


 Rent our large indoor classroom for clinics, workshops, classes, and more. Our classroom is in the process of becoming amazing as we can bring the animals into the heated and cooled building equipped with everything you need for your endeavors! (Coming soon!)


Pay it forward. Purchase classes and workshops to put into our scholarship program fund. (Click here)

Sponsor your favorite Triple Moon horses, goats, rabbits, ducks, or barn cats! (Click here)


Purchase our organic duck eggs that our students help maintain and care for. (Message us on our Facebook page for eggs!)


Purchase full-price classes and workshops for yourself or your child.


Enroll your children in our very popular Horse & Homestead summer camps!


Purchase our unique t-shirts, hoodies, and other merch. (coming soon!)


Purchase our summer student-maintained garden produce! (Message us on our Facebook page)

 Purchase items from our Triple Moon Equestrian Amazon Wish List


We thank you for helping us help others, human and animal.

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