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Welcome to Triple Moon Equestrian

Not your average riding lessons
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Triple Moon Equestrian's goal is to educate our students on all age-appropriate aspects of horsemanship. We strive to teach the way of the horse and help our students explore their complex behaviors and emotions. We teach respect for horses like you’d teach respect for the power of the ocean. We believe that students should be proficient in all aspects of horsemanship before they are able to become strong riders. We take a stand to inspire mindful behavior, sustainable stewardship, and animal husbandry. Horses are incredible creatures with so much to teach us. They live in the present and can help us stay grounded. They accept without judgment and can help us be authentic. They communicate with their bodies and can teach us about boundaries. They work together and can teach us about relationships. They are sensitive and can teach us about empathy. Finally, they are FUN and can teach us how AMAZING life can be! You or your child will fall in love with the world of horses!

  • Septemer 9th Classes start

  • September 13th The science of the horse homeschool class begins.

  • September 24th/25th & October 1st/2ed Big Brain Horsemanship workshop

  • November 11th Farm Day Camp

  • December 21st/22ed & 26th/27th Winter Break Farm Day Camp

  • January 16th Farm Day Camp

  • Febuary 17th & 20th  Farm Day Camp

  • April 3-7 Spring Break Farm Day Camp

  • March 26-30th Farm Day Camp

  • July 10th-August 25th Summer Horse & Farm Camp



Around the Farm

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