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Welcome to Triple Moon Equestrian

~Not yor average riding lessons~
Support our non-profit! 

Support The Scholarship Project with purchasing merch from our store! All profit proceeds benefit our non-profit.

Triple Moon Equestrian's goal is to educate our students on all age-appropriate aspects of horsemanship. We strive to teach the way of the horse and help our students explore their complex behaviors and emotions. We teach respect for horses like you’d teach respect for the power of the ocean. We believe that students should be proficient in all aspects of horsemanship before they are able to become strong riders. We take a stand to inspire mindful behavior, sustainable stewardship, and animal husbandry. Horses are incredible creatures with so much to teach us. They live in the present and can help us stay grounded. They accept without judgment and can help us be authentic. They communicate with their bodies and can teach us about boundaries. They work together and can teach us about relationships. They are sensitive and can teach us about empathy. Finally, they are FUN and can teach us how AMAZING life can be! You or your child will fall in love with the world of horses!



You've heard us say that Triple Moon Equestrian wouldn't be what it is today without the support of our volunteers and individuals like yourself! But just what does our program do and how would your continued support help? Our non-profit program helps teens gain confidence, a healthy identity, job skills, and independence through animal husbandry, horse rescue, farming, horsemanship, stewardship, and physical fitness. The horses that participate in this program are the professors, mentors, and best friends to these kids. Hay prices are through the roof. They went from $19 a bale in 2021 to over $35 a bale currently. Triple Moon Equestrian goes through 45 bales of alfalfa and 20 bales of timothy each month. To put it simply, we are struggling to keep up with the cost of feed. Donations have been down due to the state of the economy. There are several ways you can help us to continue to serve our community. All proceeds go directly to the horses that participate in the program.

 Give to our Hay Drive

Purchase alfalfa and timothy hay for pick up or delivery at Clearview Ace Hardware. Their phone number is (360) 668-6363. Our address is 12533 Reiner Road Monroe WA 98272.





Purchase our Duck eggs! 

Support our non-profit scholarship and horse rescue programs and get you some delicious and huge duck eggs. They taste just like chicken eggs but a little more fat. Great for baking and for people who have chicken egg allergies! As soon as I switched our ducks to an organic feed, the egg production tripled! Get your eggs today or get on our egg lottery list!

Around the Farm

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