About Our Programs

Horsemanship Club Levels Classes are thoughtfully tailored for all ages and involve everything horse! You or your child will learn about horse-keeping, horse care, first aid, feed, stall and paddock upkeep, safety, handling, equipment and gear, grooming, disciplines, breeds, and of course, riding!

What We Do

Our mission is to educate our students on all age-appropriate aspects of horsemanship. We strive to teach the way of the horse and all their complex behaviors and emotions. We teach respect for horses like you'd teach respect for the power of the ocean. 

Our programs are not strictly a riding curriculum. We believe that students should be proficient in all aspects of horsemanship before they are able to become strong riders.

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Youth/Adult Semi-Private Horsemanship and Riding (1 hour) Ages 10-adult $260-$280 for a package of four lessons. Students will be placed with other students at their level of horsemanship. Semi-private lessons are only offered depending on availability.

Horsemanship Club Levels Classes (1 hour) Ages mature 6+ $210 for a package of four lessons.

Adult Horsemanship Club Levels Classes (1 hour) Ages 18+ $260 for a package of four lessons.


Farm and Pony Club for Preschoolers (1 hour) Ages 2-6 $200 for a package of four lessons.