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About Our Programs

Horsemanship Club Levels Classes are thoughtfully tailored for all ages and involve everything horse! You or your child will learn about horse-keeping, horse care, first aid, feed, stall and paddock upkeep, safety, handling, equipment and gear, grooming, disciplines, breeds, and of course, riding!

What We Do

Our mission is to educate our students on all age-appropriate aspects of horsemanship. We strive to teach the way of the horse and all their complex behaviors and emotions. We teach respect for horses like you'd teach respect for the power of the ocean. 

Our programs are not strictly a riding curriculum. We believe that students should be proficient in all aspects of horsemanship before they are able to become strong riders.

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Horsemanship Club Levels Classes

 Ages 6+

In our Horsemanship Club Classes, we're not just about riding; we're about teaching and embracing all aspects of horses. Discover a world where horses become your teachers and partners. Our classes go way beyond the saddle. We're committed to nurturing a deep understanding of horses in every student. Here are some things to expect:


Equine Assisted Learning

Experience the unique opportunity to engage in activities that foster personal growth, teamwork, and self-discovery. Horses are incredible mirrors, helping students explore communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


Horse Care and Management:

Learn the ins and outs of equine first aid, farrier care, nutrition and stable management. 


Tack and Equipment Knowledge:

Gain insight into the world of saddles, bridles, and riding equipment. Students will not only learn how to use them but also appreciate their role in horse-rider dynamics.


Building Connections:

Forge a unique bond with equine partners by understanding their behavior and body language, anatomy, biology, history and more!


Empowerment Through Horses:

Our equine-assisted learning sessions empower students to overcome challenges, build self-confidence, and develop essential life skills. Horses have an uncanny ability to guide personal growth and self-awareness.


Additional Perks!

Our classes are available year-round

Covered riding ring with lights

Outdoor arena 

Climate controlled classroom

Horsemanship Club Classes (Teen Groups)

These classes cover an identical curriculum as our younger student classes but are geared towards teens ages 12-17.  


Adult Classes

These classes cover an identical curriculum as our younger student classes but are geared towards adults.  

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